Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

As I sleepy awake I am reminded that today is Easter Sunday. What a glorious cold day! The air outside is really cold about 37 degrees, but our hearts and home are warm. We are reminded that our Savior Jesus Christ has indeed risen from the dead. The hope of Easter! We all have messed up and have sinful lives. We do not love our neighbor, we are hateful to one another instead of loving and kind. Our minds our in a get rich mode while we are blinded to the poverty that is right outside our door. Our town and country lie in ruins while we worry about how much money we have now and how much money we will have in the future. Meanwhile, someone somewhere was worried about how to stay warm last night,or if their child would make it through the night. This Easter may we all be reminded of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. May we share that hope daily with others in our lives not only to friends but to those who we consider enemies. Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Thanks be to our God! Have a blessed Easter.